Visit These Sanibel Island Parks On Your Next Trip

Sanibel Island parks provide some simple yet treasured family fun. They are ideal for some Florida birdwatching, and you’ll find all sorts of people, from relaxation-lovers to professional bicyclists.  There is so much to see all around Sanibel Island real estate.

We cover all the top parks on Sanibel Island, from the acclaimed tourist-heavy spots to the quieter and often-missed parks and beaches.

Lighthouse Beach Park

Lighthouse Beach Park is a beloved local spot. Its namesake derives from the bold lighthouse hanging on the very tip of the island. 

This park is an ideal escape for beach lovers and bikers alike. Winding trails offer open views of the beach. Large shade pavilions offer some calm respite, and a fishing pier provides some low-key fishing.

The park is located at 110 Periwinkle Way, Sanibel, FL 33957. It can be found on the furthest eastern end of the island. You will know you are there when you spot the lighthouse- and you can’t go any further without driving right into the gulf.

Parking is accessible via an onsite parking lot with 152 parking spaces. There are also limited RV parking spaces. Both will fill up during the peak season, so strive to arrive earlier than later. Parking is $5 per hour. 

Gulfside City Park Beach

Gulfside City Park Beach, also known as Algiers to many locals, is an exceptional and quiet haven. It is known for its numerous shells and large picnic pavilion.

Visitors come and stay for the sights. Compared to Sanibel Island beaches, Algiers is quiet and an ideal spot for some reflection. It has about twenty-eight acres to explore with modest and easily-accessible trails with information kiosks, a picnic area at the entrance, bike racks, and barbeque grills. There are also some lovely local Florida flowers beside the beach in the dunes.

The park is at 2001 Algiers Lane in Sanibel. It is off a major artery, Casa Ybell Road, in the southern part of the island. 

Parking is available onsite for an island standard of $5 per hour. Parking is allowed twenty-four hours a day with this same hourly rate. There are forty-six spots in all. 

Tarpon Bay Road Beach Park

Watching the beach is one of the most Sanibel Island things to do. Trails are minor. And with only .9 acres in total, there’s not a lot of ground to explore. With that said, there are restrooms and picnic areas conveniently available, and you are often bound to see windsurfers, surfers, and snorkelers. 

The beach is located almost directly in the center of the island at its southernmost point. Most will find it a few blocks past the Sandbar Restaurant heading east, on the right- beachside, of course.

This beach has two distinct parking sites with their only entrances. The entrance at 111 Tarpon Bay Road is strictly handicapped. The entrance at  205 Tarpon Bay Road, however, in general. Regardless of accommodations, parking is $5 per hour.

Causeway Island Beach Park

Water lovers will appreciate kayak opportunities, and professional beach loungers will enjoy the sprawling picnic area, fishing spots, and sunbathing. There’s also plenty for water sports enthusiasts, including windsurfing and kiteboarding.

Getting here can be a little challenging. Visitors traveling from the mainland towards Sanibel Island will utilize a D.O.T. Tollbooth. It is $6 for passersby but free if you are using the park services. It then crosses over a sky bridge, landing visitors on “Island A.” There is an additional bridge in the vicinity carrying anyone to the companion island, or “Island B.” Both islands are known for some breathtaking bird watching.

The main beach site is located at 19931 Sanibel Causeway Road. The parking toll only applies to those coming onto the island and through.

Bowman’s Beach Park 

Bowman’s Beach may be the most beautiful sight in the region. This acclaimed beach is open from dawn to dusk all year round. While it lacks many conveniences, it makes up for it with gorgeous open beaches great for walking and enjoying some water sports. Bowman’s delivers a back-to-basics approach to any well-planned afternoon by the water.

Located at 1700 Bowman’s Beach Road. Bowman’s Beach follows the standard Sanibel parking fee of $5 per hour. 

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