3 Things Sanibel is Thankful to Have

Sanibel Island has plenty to be thankful for. This natural paradise boasts a beautiful coastline that attracts surfers and sailors alike. Some of the world’s largest seashells have also been found on the beaches of Sanibel Island. The level of biodiversity in the area is incredible, and Sanibel is renowned for Florida birdwatching. Here are a few other things Sanibel... Read More »

Schuldenfrei Report Q3 2019 Newsletter

The real estate market year to date through the end of September was down somewhat. Summer activity was rather quiet as many Buyers have been sitting on the sidelines waiting to see if the weather, hurricanes in particular, would visit SW Florida and bring with it any Red Tide. SW Florida did not have any hurricanes or Red Tide as... Read More »

Thanksgiving Meal on Sanibel Island

3 Restaurants for a Thanksgiving Meal Near Sanibel

This year, what are you thankful for? Planning a Thanksgiving on Sanibel Island will certainly give you plenty more to add to your list: pristine, secluded beaches, 80-degree weather, incredible biodiversity, and more. The beaches of Sanibel Island are renowned for their beauty and plentiful sea shells, and temperate Sanibel Island weather ensures that every day is beach day. Thanksgiving... Read More »

Indoor spider plant on table

Florida’s Top Fall Plants to Spruce Up Your Home

Do you love getting out and exploring nature? There are few better places to explore Florida’s vast biodiversity than Sanibel Island and the surrounding area. J.N. “Ding” National Wildlife Refuge is a must-see, protecting more than 2,619 acres of land and hundreds of species of wildlife in one of the country’s largest undeveloped mangrove ecosystems. But when staying in Sanibel,... Read More »

Anteater at Naples Zoo with a pumpkin

4 Upcoming Holiday Events Near Sanibel

Envisioning pristine, secluded beaches and rich, natural ecosystems to explore? Look no further than Sanibel Island and its little sister, Captiva Island. This natural paradise boasts a beautiful coastline that attracts wind surfers and sailors. Some of the world’s largest seashells have also been found on the beaches of Sanibel Island. Combing these beautiful shores, you might be lucky enough... Read More »

Hogfish in coral reef

10 Animals You Can See in an Artificial Reef on Sanibel Island

The artificial reef is one of the last major bastions of varied, epic, and pristine marine life. The artificial reef is a world treasure and we need to respect it and care for it. While seeing this gem of the Earth, you can find some amazing creatures. Some of them seem pulled right out of a fairy tale, yet here... Read More »

Sanibel Island boat tour

5 Things to Know About Boating in Sanibel Before You Begin

Boating is a blast! So what is it about boating that is so universally loved and what can you expect when you finally settle on over the surf? We cover the top 5 things to know about boating before you grab your sea legs and venture out for a day or so from your Sanibel home. There are Many Different... Read More »

People crossing a race finish line

5 Fun Races Near Sanibel and Captiva

The locals of Sanibel and Captiva Islands often get together for some running and racing. From school runs for ages 5-12 to epic and athletic events for adults, there’s a whole lot of fun to be had in the area if you love to race. The races also manage to span the entire year. We cover our top five favorite... Read More »


We have worked with David Schuldenfrei for more than 15 years – first in buying our condominium in 2003, then renting it for about 10 years, then selling it in 2019. He always kept us well informed, consistently sent us market and rental information and gave us excellent advice and guidance. Read More »

How to Create a Seashell Collection Display

Collecting take-home seashell souvenirs represents the essence of your beach vacation experience. Seashell collectors roam the beaches of Sanibel and Captiva, on the lookout for that perfect and intact specimen. Sanibel and Captiva seashell collecting is a popular activity for numerous reasons- anyone can do it and you never know what you’ll find! While seashell collecting is fun, seashell organizing... Read More »