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Captiva Island Beach

How to Beat the Heat and Enjoy a Florida Summer

It’s no secret; Florida is hot. Seasonal Florida lovers and diehard and lifelong locals are certain to agree that the sunshine state lives up to its nickname. This could be a really solid reason to avoid the dead center of Florida during the first week of July if you can manage to wrangle the kids’ enthusiasm away from Frozen and... Read More »

Bowman's Beach covered in shells in Sanibel Island

Where’s the Best Place to Go Shelling in Sanibel?

Shelling is an activity everyone can get on board with. It doesn’t require a lot of skill, though some tips and tricks will help you get ahead of the game. It’s also a game you don’t win or lose. You find what you can and you savor the best of your small natural treasures. Shelling is a blast for all... Read More »