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hog fish

10 Animals You Can See in an Artificial Reef on Sanibel Island

The artificial reef is one of the last major bastions of varied, epic, and pristine marine life. The artificial reef is a world treasure and we need to respect it and care for it. While seeing this gem of the Earth, you can find some amazing creatures. Some of them seem pulled right out of a fairy tale, yet here... Read More »

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5 Things to Know About Boating in Sanibel Before You Begin

Whether you’re into yoga, pickleball, or kayaking, boating is usually a Sanibel favorite. Boating is a blast! So what is it about boating that is so universally loved and what can you expect when you’re out on the ocean? We cover the top 5 things to know about boating before you grab your sea legs and venture out from your... Read More »