What is Sanibel Island Known For?

Heading to Sanibel Island and unsure of what to do? Fear not! This article will outline all of the things you and your family should do while visiting Sanibel Island. With everything from beaches, wildlife, and seashells, the area offers everything you and your family needs located right near our Sanibel Island rentals.

man on the beach


If you are going to Sanibel Island, chances are that you want to hit up the beach. The beautiful white sand beaches of Sanibel Island are publicly accessible to anyone visiting the island. These beaches are well cared for and recognized by many travel experts as some of the best in North America! In the past five years, theses beaches have received thirty awards from Coastal Living, USA Today, Conde Nast Traveler, Frommers, and many more. There are six beaches available to you and your family, and they are very easy to find and enjoy. Beaches include Bowman’s Beach, Lighthouse Beach, Tarpon Beach, Algiers Beach, Blind Pass Beach, and Captiva Beach. If beaches are what you are looking for, then Sanibel Island is where you want to be!


Seashells your thing? Sanibel Island is the perfect place for you. There are six common Sanibel Island seashells for you to find. The Transverse Ark is a seashell that can be found on all of the beaches of Sanibel Island. There are so many, in fact, that they are often referred to as “little white clams shells.” The Cross-Barred venus shells are always fun for tourists on vacation because they come in a wide variety of colors. The Ponderous Ark normally looks like a bigger version of the Transverse Ark, but when they are juveniles, it is really hard to tell the difference. Upon closer inspections, the interior is the only way to decipher to juvie ponderous from the adult Transverse. The Coquina shells have stolen the hearts of most travelers the first time when they walked on the beach, and their butterfly shells scattered along the beach. If you enjoy seashells, then Sanibel Island is the place for you.


Looking to go hiking and experience wildlife on your next trip? Then Sanibel Island is the place for you to venture out to. Sanibel Island is a fantastic area for Florida birdwatching, and the Sanibel Gardens Preserve is a particularly spectacular place. At this preserve, there are plenty of birds to see including the Red-Bellied Woodpeckers and the Gray Kingbirds. The preserve is also home to many wild turkeys, storks, swallows, and many more. Wanting some more? The Bald Eagle is a relatively rich and secured population in Sanibel Island. You will find the Bald Eagles are relatively calm and plentiful in variety. When it comes to bird watching, Sanibel Island is the place to go.

Wanting to give back to the area? Then a visit to the Clinic for Rehabilitation of Wildlife (CROW) is essential. Founded in 1968, the rehabilitation center has cared for thousands of animal patients of more than two hundred species. Each year, the center helps out more than 3,000 animals. Tourists are encouraged to visit the interactive exhibits to learn about the animals’ clinical history and how the organization cares for animals. You can also attend daily presentations given by staff members.

For all animal lovers, the Clinic for Rehabilitation of Wildlife is the place to visit in Sanibel Island.

Whether you are looking to hit up the beach with your family, gather rare seashells, or explore the birds and wildlife the island has to offer, there are tons of family-friendly things to do in Sanibel Island. Your whole family will have the time of their lives! When you visit, be sure to consider staying in one of our luxurious and affordable Sanibel Island listings