4 Things to Know Before Moving to Sanibel

Whether you move from a small village in Alaska or from a sprawling metropolis like Chicago, Sanibel is going to be a bit different.

You will have to contend with year-round sensational weather, stunning views of the Gulf of Mexico, and the quiet pleasures of Florida island living.

It sounds easy on paper (and it is), but there are still a few things you should know. We cover the top four things which can help you prepare for making the move to Sanibel Island.

Local-Centric Living

Sanibel Island is very local-centric, and this is not by accident. There is a three-mile toll bridge to get to the island, and all visitors have to pay. In some ways, this keeps Sanibel Island rather isolated compared to other more accessible gulf coast destinations. It has created a bubble where you find a lot more locals all year-round than you would otherwise. Some locals say that the toll bridge acts as a gated community.

Sanibel Island attracts many people who choose to live year-round. It creates a very distinct and passionate local community, making Sanibel more than a vacation destination.

Condos are popular in Sanibel Island

New Construction is Few and Far Between

There is not a huge infrastructure for new development. While it is there, Sanibel is just simply developed enough as it is. You are likely going to find many homes already constructed, and perhaps a few decades old. There many classic beach homes which are dazzling and even historic. This gives the Sanibel Island real estate a special allure.

Condos are Popular

If you are planning to move to Sanibel Island, you should be well-acquainted with condos. Condo living is starkly different from residential home living, and it requires extra due diligence and research. For example, aspiring condo buyers must (and should) review the condo association documents in full. The documents will cover association rules, amendments, recent changes, pet allowance, building restrictions, and exactly what you own and don’t as a condo buyer.

Typically, buyers are given 72 hours to finalize on the closing docs once they make a bid on a home. This gives them an opportunity to review these details and discover elements about their association. This could include rather substantial details, such as guest visits, parking, is renting out allowed, and more.

These rules may also apply to the various Sanibel Island homes for sale. It depends on the community. You definitely want to prepare with a list of things you need to present to any local realtor. This will save you invaluable time in avoiding communities which may not be suitable for your family needs.

You are on “Island Time”

You are on “island time” – big time. Island time is a colloquial term, and anyone who has spent any time living on a Florida island will be more than aware of. People move a bit slower than you would find in a big city. Honking your horn is taboo and standing in line is a chance to read an online essay. Island time is the idea that people are moving at a more relaxed pace.

Culturally, Sanibel Island houses many full-time retirees as well as snowbirds, who consider their winter time on Sanibel a glorified and extended vacation. Travelers to and from the island must utilize the island’s only entrance- the local toll bridge- which causes an inevitable delay. But this is just another part of island time.

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There is a lot to know about any move, no matter where you decide to go. The above covers a few basic of Sanibel Island real estate, but there is so much you can learn. Allow our real estate to get you connected and begin the journey to buying a Sanibel home.