Things to Consider When Upgrading Your Home for Sale

Many people come over on beach vacations to Sanibel Island as enthusiastic visitors. Many of these same visitors are also looking to maybe spend more than just a few weeks tucked away along Florida’s Gulf coast.

You want to upgrade your home to appeal to these incoming visitors and aspiring buyers. So what are some things you should consider?

Upgrading your Home to Sell - things to consider

Bang for Your Buck

One of the main things you want to consider is the “bang for your buck.” In other words, how much do you get out of what you put in?

There are some upgrades that may look extremely pretty, but they don’t often result in helping resale value. For example, a home may have an extra office space built into the living room. It’s a nice addition, and it may have cost thousands to add the space structurally. But it doesn’t amount to much when you have a potential buyer who doesn’t want office space in the living room. Perhaps they want the whole space just opened up anyway?

The living room is not usually a place where the big moneymaking upgrades go. The kitchen and bathroom are both key places to upgrade. Some upgrades, such as marble, hardwood flooring, or walk-in showers, are universally beloved. They rank high in regards to the bang for your buck. Others are not as sharp and interesting, resulting in you putting a bit more effort into them than they may deserve in a sale.

Sell the Community

You always want to stress the fun things in Sanibel Island Florida right around the corner. The future buyer won’t live in a bubble. She will have the entire island to play around in and explore. This, itself, is a substantial selling point, and something sellers often forget.

The Exterior

The exterior is an often overlooked part of upgrading a home because many sellers keep their eyes on the inside. In fact, the exterior can play a pivotal role. Simple landscaping can be a major contributing factor to that all-important first impression. While it may not boost the value tremendously, it helps to get a potential buyer more accepting to your current asking price.
Exterior landscaping can be as expensive or as inexpensive as you want. Pull a few weeds and add some mulch on a budget. Go all out on a major overhaul and upgrade. Regardless, both methods will get you that valuable curb appeal.

A Space for the Imagination

A fantastic thing to consider when selling your home is imagination. Paint a picture of what the home could look like in the hands of potential buyers. You should:

  • Remove many personal pictures, making it too unfamiliar to an aspiring buyer.
  • Add some general décor items, things that make the home look appealing but not too specific. This could include globes, wine rack, art, and more.
  • Try to keep at least one space largely empty or sparsely decorated and furnished. This imbues the space with some imagination. The potential buyer looks at it and images an office, library, play space, and anything else in between.

These are just a few quick tips for capturing the imagination. Any interested buyer can take the home in any direction they want.

We love everything about Sanibel Island. It’s a place for couples, families, and dreamers. Enjoy the numerous family-friendly activities in Sanibel Island and soak in the small island life. You can always escape on over to Naples for a day trip.

Our long-term vacation rentals near Sanibel Island see visitors of all kinds, and they all seem to love what the island has to offer.