Sea Turtle & Marine Life Mortality – All Time High

You may or may not have heard about the red tide/algal bloom chaos that is going on in Florida, chances are you have since it’s pretty hard to ignore at this point. Below are just a few things that would be useful for the community to know in regard to the bloom and tips on what you can do to help put a stop to what is killing off our marine life and polluting our air.

  • Red tide is caused by an overpopulation of toxic algae.
  • It kills our fish, dolphins, sea turtles, and birds.
  • It pollutes the air causing asthma and respiratory issues in some humans.
  • Over 90 sea turtles have been found dead or in distress since October 2017 because of red tide and a 20-foot whale shark carcass recently washed up on Sanibel’s beach.
  • Make sure you are voting for elected officials who support stronger water quality standards.
  • Regulate fertilizer use in your own yards and gardens.
  • Try planting native plants that require little or no fertilizer, they also help filter rainwater.
  • Pick up after your pets.
  • Spread awareness, talk to your neighbors and colleagues about water quality and let them know what they can do to help protect our oceans! The marine life will thank you.
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