Sanibel Sea School Day Program

Box of crayons at the Sanibel Sea School program

Traveling with young children is never easy. While it can be tons of fun spending a few days with your little ones playing on the beach and soaking up the hot Florida sunshine, after a little while, you may start yearning for some peace and quiet. Luckily, there are a few excellent children’s programs on Sanibel Island. Your child will be kept busy learning all about the fascinating wildlife of Florida, while you can head off on a day of fun for the grown-ups.

The Sanibel Sea School Day Program is one of the best Sanibel nature programs. Their programs cater to children from 4 to 13.

While they are both highly educational and fun, they are also completely safe, so you can rest assured that your child is in good hands.

Why You Should Register Your Child For a Day Program in Sanibel

Sanibel Island is filled with exciting activities for children and adults alike. From swimming to hiking, there is plenty to do on the island as a family. However, unless your children take part in a day program, they might miss out on the science behind the magical nature that surrounds them.

Plus, when your kids are occupied for a day of learning and fun, you and your partner will be free to roam the island without any tired and hungry children to slow you down. Every vacation should have at least one day free from tantrums and tears. While you and your partner enjoy a laid-back lunch at a waterfront restaurant, your child will be trekking around the island learning about the biological makeup of the land.

Day Courses from the Sanibel Sea School Day Program

Here are the two main Sanibel Sea School Day Programs offered. There are also courses available for children aged 13-17 and for adults interested in learning about the nature of Florida’s islands.

Sanibel Course, ages 6-13

Price: Full-day – $110, Half-day, $55

Length: Around 8 or 9 hours depending on the session you choose

The regular day courses for children aged 6 to 13 are truly memorable experiences. In a small group of around 12 kids, your child will spend some time learning about the sea creatures, popular birds in Sanibel, and wildlife native to Florida. The program has fully fitted classrooms where sessions are led by interns, volunteers, and qualified teachers. 

The day will consist of two classroom sessions, each of which will be followed by some field learning outside. Each session is different. On the course calendar, you’ll see that the Sea School focuses on different themes each week. 

The full-day sessions involve a lunch break.

Sea Squirts, ages 4-6

Price: $36

Length: Around 4 hours

The sessions offered for younger children are designed to inspire awe and wonder in your little one. Your child will spend the day flipping rocks, crabbing, and exploring the fascinating mangrove tunnels. Experienced teachers will teach your kids a few fun facts about some of Florida’s most interesting wildlife. Expect to hear lots of tidbits about dolphins and sea turtles when they get back home!

What to Bring to the Day Course

Here are a few items your child will need for the full Sea School experience:

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