Sanibel School and Ding Darling

One of the really nice things about the island is the relationship between the school and the refuge. The two are right next door to each other and the refuge has consistently worked with the school. They put together programs that let the kids participate in activities that develop an understanding and appreciation of our conservation minded lifestyle. Now the refuge has gone the next step. They have raised the funds to build a Children’s Education Boardwalk, which will directly connect the school and the refuge and it is in the process of being built now. From a locked gate on school property, the boardwalk will cross a brackish wetland currently inaccessible to the public and let the kids see up close the alligators, waterbirds and other wildlife. It will end in an in-the-round structure that will accommodate up to 25 kids for educational programs. If you would like to contribute to or learn more about this worthy program go to for more information.