Sanibel Island Economy and Jobs

sanibel island jobs

A Nice Place To Live And Work

Sanibel is well known throughout the world as a great place for a vacation. It’s less well known as an established residential community. It offers all the pleasures of a vacation paradise and all the municipal and professional services you need as a resident. Plus there’s a strong and varied retail structure, banks, churches, good schools and lots of friendly people just like you living there.

Sanibel is like home-town America with 4th of July parades, Labor Day picnics and Santa Claus visits on Christmas. It’s a great place to live – with a friendly tax environment and a lower cost of living. And it’s a great place to work. It’s a vital and sizeable business community geared to serve the needs of its residents plus about 160,000 visitors a year. It’s an economy that’s strongly influenced by tourism. The latest publicly available data (2012) shows a market of almost $200 million in retail sales, accommodations and food service. The real estate market reports over $400 million sold last year (2016).

This paradise island is served by one of the top 50 airports in the country – The Southwest Florida International Airport (RSW). Plus, the 3rd fastest growing metropolitan area in the country, Fort Myers, is just over the bridge.

The job prospects on Sanibel are good. The unemployment rate is lower than that of the state and the rate of recent job growth is higher. The labor force profile shows about a third of residents are in the labor force – with about equal participation for men and women. Over half are self-employed.

The top six job categories, almost 80% of the labor force, are management, administration, sales, business/financial operations, health diagnostics/treatment and legal service. Other important job categories are personal care and service, building and grounds maintenance, transportation and health technologists. This is a broad based business community that can support anyone who would like to live in a magnificent, natural environment and practice their entrepenurial or support skills. If you are one of these special people you should call David.

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