Sanibel Is The 7th Safest City in All Florida

After studying the FBI’s crime report, city population and other data, the National Council for Home Safety and Security named Sanibel the 7th Safest City in the state! With a 6% fall in crime in 2016, Sanibel had the lowest recorded crime rate in the past 13 years. Without a single violent crime, “property” crimes, such as burglary and theft, made up a majority of the 105 reported incidents.

The report did not include every town in Florida. The council decided did not include towns with resident populations under 5,000.

Sanibel Is The 7th Safest City in All Florida

Upon reading the report, Sanibel Mayor Kevin Ruane stated, “Our community places the highest priority on the personal safety of our citizens. We consider community safety an investment not an expenditure; an investment in our daily quality of life as well as our property values.”

Chief of Police William Dalton weighed in on the issue, “Our greatest asset to maintaining a safe community is a diligent, alert population committed to working in partnership with the Police. We always urge our residents and visitors to report any type of suspicious behavior or activity. We always prefer to be in the crime prevention rather than response mode.”

Sanibel Designated 7th Safest City in Florida

News Release Credited to City of Sanibel, FL – City Manager’s Office

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Sanibel is on the right track, and the community is dedicated to improving the quality of life for visitors and residents to the island. Families can sleep soundly knowing that neighborhoods are safe, and misdemeanors are rare occurrences.

Come be a part of Sanibel Island, and experience the uncrowded beaches, art galleries and local restaurants for a relaxing vacation. Sanibel is a great place to raise a family, or retire here and have a great destination for your family to visit! Buy your dream house directly on the beach, near the wildlife reserve, or a condo down the street from your favorite restaurant! Whatever home you choose, we know you and your family are going to have a great time in the 7th Safest City in Florida.

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