Interesting Cruises in our Area

Both Captiva Cruises and SCCF are offering new cruises this year. Captiva Cruises will be cruising to the Tarpon Lodge and the Calusa Indian Mounds. They will leave at 10 AM on Tuesdays from McCarthy’s Marina on Captiva and travel to Pineland on Pine Island. The diverse fishing culture of the area will be discussed during the cruise which will end at the Tarpon Lodge for lunch. The SCCF cruises will take you through the WP Franklin Locks in Olga and on to the upper Caloosahatchee River with its history of settlements and pioneers and their escapades with the river’s oxbows and the wild creatures that call it home. Interesting stuff and a nice couple of hours on the water. If you’d like more info call Captiva Cruises at 472-5300 or go to