Getting Involved On Sanibel

Living on Sanibel is more than just owning property and enjoying the many island pleasures. It is a quiet, caring bustling residential community that has a point-of-view –  one that has thoughtfully managed the development of the island and preserved its natural beauty with a commitment that is widely admired.

Sanibel is a frame of mind – an idea that balances the wonders and needs of the natural world and the pleasures and needs of its people. This happened because the people made it happen. Not some grand authority. The people of Sanibel are involved and work hard to make this island the paradise it’s known to be.

They form groups, join clubs, organize environmental activities and, generally, make a difference by forming the essential support for much of the islands non-profit, worthy activities. Sanibel is probably one of the most active, engaging communities in the country. Those who choose to live here find multiple ways to volunteer and get involved – meeting their friendly neighbors along the way.

There are volunteer needs in the arts, service clubs, churches and environmental groups. You will be greeted with open arms.

Here are some of the organizations that offer volunteer opportunities. Visit their websites and learn what they do, how they benefit the island and what volunteer activities are interesting to you and could benefit from your skills.


Environmental –  

Service Clubs


  • Community –
  • Catholic –
  • Congregational –
  • Episcopal – www.stmichael&

Other                There is also a site that lists many of the islands non-profits –

That is a picture of the broad, wonderful volunteer experiences you can choose as you become a resident of this paradise island. The opportunity to lend your special skills to hhelpothers on your own terms and in concert with your neighbors.

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