Creating a New Reef

On July 2 the cutter Mohawk will be scuttled to become the Mohawk Veterans Memorial Reef dedicated to all veterans.  The 165 foot World War II Coast Guard cutter will be sunk in 90 feet of water, 30 miles off the coast of SW Florida.  One thing that will set apart the Mohawk from other military ships sunk as reefs is that she will first be painted her war camouflage; anchor chains, engines and props are intact, and replica guns and a whale boat have been added.  The vessel has been fully prepped to make it environmentally safe and it is hoped that the site will become a popular fish habitat that will attract both fisherman and divers.  The sinking on Monday is going to be a big media event and will be filmed by a Discovery Channel crew for future airing.  This will be an unusual, but fitting memorial to our veterans.