Sanibel Island Conservation

The city of Sanibel is certainly an island paradise with beaches, boats, and bikes but it’s more than that! It’s special among Florida communities. It was founded 50 years ago as a residential community based on the principles of conservation – to protect and preserve its natural resources and avoid the overdevelopment fate of so many of the states coastal communities. It has all of the important features that make it the ideal hometown – a strong local government, all the municipal services you’ll need, tax benefits, good schools, houses of worship and medical services. There is little or no crime, many recreational opportunities, retail and banking services and a nearby international airport.

The most important and worthwhile value in living on Sanibel, however, is its culture of conservation – its harmony with nature and how that touches your life in the most positive ways. This harmony is due largely to the islands land use plan that forms the basis for development and preservation and creates a culture of caring. It ensures that you and others will continue to enjoy the natural ambiance and quiet harmony that is uniquely available on Sanibel and Captiva.

Conserved Land

About two-thirds of the land on Sanibel is set aside as protected land – never to be developed. These are the lands that are managed by the Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge and the Sanibel Captiva Conservation Foundation. They protect the islands wildlife habitat and natural flora plus provide miles of walking or biking trails for your enjoyment. Importantly, they also tend to protect and enhance the island real estate values.

Conservation Organizations

There are a number of organizations on the island that help support the islands conservation principles. The two largest are those mentioned above – the national wildlife refuge and the conservation foundation. In addition, there is The Audubon Society, The Care and Rehabilitation of Wildlife (C.R.O.W), the Osprey Foundation and the many research and monitoring programs for the turtles, birds and other wildlife on the islands.

Volunteer Opportunities

All of the conservation organizations on Sanibel are non-profit and have a vital need for volunteers. There is great pride among the volunteers in their work ethic and there is great appreciation for the high participation in volunteer work. The volunteers are well trained and prepared for their various activities and they benefit from and enjoy the learning opportunities presented to them as part of their training.

That is the wonderful experience you can have living on these islands. The opportunity for a fulfilling life on island paradise, and the chance to join these worthy causes to protect the natural beauty and wildlife that makes Sanibel Island and Captiva Island one of the last great “Old Florida” destinations. Find your new home by searching our featured property listings or search through all real estate properties on the islands.

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