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Captiva Island was formed over a thousand years ago. Much of the history can be documented at the Captiva Historical Society’s History Gallery. It is thought to have originally been part of Sanibel Island. A major storm washed away part of that island structure and created the two islands we know today – Captiva to the north and Sanibel to the south. They are joined by a small bridge at the point of separation – Blind Pass. The history of Captiva is romantic and similar to that of Sanibel. It has been occupied at one time or another by Spanish explorers, Calusa Indians, Caribbean pirates and the early settlers. The settlers established a farming community but the salt in the air and water made farming difficult and they could not survive. By then the island had been discovered by northerners and it became the island we know today – the friendly island of easy living. A skinny sliver of land about 5 miles long, that is loved by those who live or visit here and praised by the travel experts who are all-knowing in such matters. Captiva, now, is a wonderful island paradise with no dress codes, no hang-ups, and no uptight folks. Just down home island living and a contentment that’s easy to love.

Captiva is a small town community with all the wonders of small town living. You’ll know your neighbors, the grocer will say hi, you can safely walk across the one major road on the island – a quaint two-lane street – and be right on the beach. This little island may be small but it’s bursting with many pleasures – boating, watersports, golf, tennis, biking, birding and world-class shelling on the beautiful white sand beaches. For shopping there is downtown Captiva where there are shops to meet all your needs. The restaurants are many and varied to satisfy any taste. They include several that are known worldwide. The Mucky Duck with its gorgeous sunsets and The Bubble Room with its toys, trains and funky music. Tween Waters Inn, once a one room schoolhouse, has the Captiva House for more formal dining. Living on Captiva is a distinct experience – once tried, never forgotten.

Real estate on Captiva Island usually involves property on the water – either the Gulf of Mexico or San Carlo Bay. That means that your house or condominium will have all the wonders of island living – a water view, a beach and maybe a dock for your boat. In the southern part of the island – just after leaving Sanibel – there are beautiful estate properties on both sides of the road that will front on either the bay or the gulf. Mid-island has houses and condominiums that can provide access to both the gulf and the bay. The north part of the island has a mix of residential and commercial properties and is largely occupied by The South Seas Plantation. The house and condominium properties the island offers is varied enough to meet most needs. There are large and small condominiums and houses that range from quaint island cottages to true estates right on the beach. All you need is someone to help find the one that’s right for you. That would be David, the island expert..

David has helped hundreds and hundreds of people find their island dream home, anything from a beachfront one-bedroom condominium to a grande estate. He has been doing this for over 30 years – longer than most anyone else – so he has full knowledge of the islands and can rightly claim the title of expert. His clients, customers and colleagues seem to agree. His clients and customers continue to come back for his services and skills and his colleagues have honored him by electing him Realtor of the Year 4 times and president of the real estate association 3 times. Call him and let him help you find what he has known for years – the wonders of island living. Discover the difference a Dave makes.

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