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Sanibel Moorings

Sanibel Moorings

Sanibel – A Peaceful, Happy Community
Sanibel Island is known as a nice place to enjoy your vacation. Less well known is the wonderful community it is to live in. It’s a relatively small island so most things are near by. It has all the services. There are civil services to make it a safe place to live, broad retail and banking services to make it a convenient place to live and all the island pleasures that make it a fun place to live. The island real estate has a wide price range , from two-hundred thousand to multi-million dollar house and condominium properties. And the real estate market is vibrant, growing four times faster than the state GDP over the past five years (12/15). The values of island real estate tend to be relatively secure since over half of the island is set aside as sanctuary land, not subject to development. This protects and enhances the value of island property. Come on down and look us over. We’re a friendly people and happy to show you our properties, either houses or a condominium property such as the Sanibel Moorings.

Sanibel Moorings
Sanibel Moorings is a beautiful condominium neighborhood of 122 units in 16 buildings. The property is lushly landscaped with beautiful plantings and a botanical garden that is widely admired. It has units of one, two or three bedrooms, up to 1,500 square feet, so it’s a very livable space for most families. All the units are lovingly furnished and fully equipped so acquiring any housekeeping needs is minimized. Some of the units front on the beach and some front on a canal with dockage for the boater. There are tennis courts and two swimming pools for your recreational times. It’s a good place to set up housekeeping and become an islander. David can show you around. Call him and see what a difference a Dave makes.

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Sanibel Moorings

845 E Gulf Dr #1522


  • Condo Gulf
  • 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, 1090 Sq Ft
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