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White Caps Cottages

Sanibel – Where You Love Where You Live
Sanibel was founded on the principle that smaller and quieter is better. That’s why it was and is a small town with two-lane roads, no traffic lights, no tall buildings and no hot, trendy downtown. It’s a friendly, neighborly island with gorgeous beaches, lots of boating, biking and just plain good living. There are great restaurants and shops, golf and tennis facilities and theatres, museums and galleries to feed your spirit. Over half of the island is undeveloped sanctuary land for you to enjoy. This unspoiled land also tends to protect the real estate values on the island. The island real estate includes a variety of properties – houses, villas and condominiums – and with a wide range of prices. Whatever you choose there will be a property for sale that you’ll love – maybe like the White Caps Cottages.

White Caps Cottages
The White Caps Cottages are free-standing cottages on West Gulf Drive. There are nine of them and they’re right on the beach – you can see the waters of the Gulf from any room. Eight of the cottages have one bedroom and are 585 square feet. The ninth is a three bedroom cottage with 1480 square feet. They are all fully furnished and equipped so that all you need do is move in, relax and become an island citizen. This can be your island hide-away where you live – either full time or part time – and enjoy that wonderful castaway, island lifestyle

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