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What’s The Weather Like On Sanibel Island?

Sanibel Island is home to gorgeous pink flamingos, encapsulating that ideal romantic and tropical image. A beach can be found within walking distance from any point of the island. During the hot summer months, Sanibel Island gets that healthy and wonderful ocean breeze that blankets the island, from one beachside to the other. This is a true paradise. What can... Read More »

Sanibel & Captiva Islands

 Just another day in paradise! Read More »

Clean Air

I read recently in USA Today an interesting article on rising ozone levels. Although there are definite improvements in air quality compared to previous decades, the ozone levels are still rising according to the 2014 State of the Air Report.  The San Bernardino area of California had the highest ozone levels.  Cities whose air ranked as the cleanest were Bangor, Maine; Bismark, ND;... Read More »

Merry Christmas from Sanibel and Captiva

 The sun is shining brightly and temps are predicted in the high 70’s for Christmas Day.  That’s my kind of Christmas! Wishing you all joy and happiness this holiday season. Read More »

Labor Day

 We had terrific intermittent rain storms yesterday for Labor Day.  Roberta snapped this waterspout picture just off Sanibel.  The causeway beaches were packed with picnickers so the rains didn’t seem to dampen the parties! Read More »

Sinkholes in Florida

With the collapse of the resort near Orlando yesterday, sinkholes are once again in the news.  This is a common phenomenon in many parts of Florida. They often form when rainwater dissolves limestone in the ground, leaving cavities beneath the surface. Luckily southwest Florida is not overly prone to sinkholes.  The pressure from the water in various aquifers in our area helps... Read More »

Top Seaside Towns

Coastal Living Magazine has just announced its top seaside towns in America and our own Sanibel Island came in third.  The green spaces, lack of high rises, wildlife, sunny weather, beaches and seashells were just some of the things that helped rank out island  We know this is paradise, now the world knows! Read More »

Sanibel and Captiva

Just another sunny day on Captiva. Temperatures are 75-80 degrees with no rain in sight. Come on down and enjoy our paradise islands! Read More »

Sunny Sanibel and Captiva

What great weather we are having!  It is only one week into January and the temperatures are supposed to be mid 80’s for the next two weeks.  No wonder our rental business is booming. Come on down and enjoy our paradise islands! Read More »

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

We had a warm and sunny Christmas here on the islands.  Both the snowbirds and tourists are here this week enjoying our weather as the storms continue up north.  Periwinkle has been bumper to bumper with traffic today.  Things should slow down at bit next week before picking up again in mid February.  Come on down and buy your own... Read More »