Buying Real Estate On Sanibel and Captiva Island

Are Sanibel and Captiva great places to buy a home? The answer seems like a resounding “of course,” with its tropical vistas, unparallel natural preservation, and varied water views. Even as you dig a little deeper past the beaches and water views, you will still find a lot to love in these island escapes.

Below are some reasons to consider new real estate in Sanibel, and why these secured and dazzling island paradises should remain on your radar.

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View of the Water, By Bay, Gulf, or Canal

Sanibel Island has all the lovely water views you could ever dream of- and they aren’t all confined to the coast. Sanibel Island boasts water views at every turn, allowing you the chance to have a waterfront home whether you have a condo on the gulf or a single-family home within the interior. Due to the intricate canal system and the bay to the north, you are never far from a life-affirming view of the sparkling Florida waters.

There’s no one “type” of water view. Do you want a small dock? The canal may work best for you. Do you want a condo on the beach? Try the gulf.

Vacation Rental Culture: Buying as an Income Source

Your Sanibel Island home can actively make you money. While there are many year-round residents, there are still many individuals who only stay for a season or two, using Sanibel as a vacation home. This is important because it contributes to a possible investment culture which you can take advantage of.

You can rent out your home when you aren’t using it. This saves families from buying their own investment property due to a lack of funds. Many agents can help you build your home as a source of long-term investment and positive cash roll.


The unique history of Sanibel is worth reading. It uncovers a few clues as to why Sanibel Island is currently one of the most protected islands in the state. After about 30 years of little development, a few savvy developers saw an opportunity to create high-rises and other big construction projects. Fascinatingly, a group of conservationists encouraged the federal government to buy large portions of the island’s land to protect it from becoming another highly-trafficked tourist stopover or pricey vacation home destination.

The federal government agreed.

After decades of quiet isolation, the land was formerly preserved. It has helped keep rare populations of migratory birds, sea turtles, and even bald eagles intact.

Now, about 60 to 65% of the island is actually federally-protected preserve. The Ding Darling Wildlife Refuge is 6,300 acres of secured and isolated land. You can navigate its intricate wetlands to see rare birds and other wildlife. Sanibel Island is a common “hangout” for manatee and has one of the largest concentrations of dolphin in the world.

You can review many of the city plan projections to see how valuable preservation is to the community. There are height restrictions and substantial demands on new developers. This will keep any home you purchase protected from reckless community development.

Boating, Biking, and the Quiet Charms of Florida Living

Sanibel has few traffic lights. There are approximately 24 miles of bike and walking paths and about 25 total miles of shoreline. Boating is extremely accessible. Yacht charters can take you around the island and many homes have docks as a standard feature.

If you compare a typical Florida city to Sanibel, it’s like another planet. Sanibel and Captiva are extremely undeveloped even compared to other equally-sized islands along Florida’s coast.

Sanibel and Captiva have Old Florida coursing through their small streets and pristine beaches.
This is a world untapped by large development projects, quietly tucked away in Florida’s fine southwest gulf coast.