We review the most imperative documents you need when you close on any Sanibel Island homes for sale so you don’t run into a tangle on the final day

What Documents Do I Need When Closing on My Sanibel Island Home?

You explored all Sanibel Island real estate. You found the one dream home you want and you went through all the many steps required to eventually buy it. You fought tirelessly to get here. Congratulations. But is not over- yet. There are just a few more things you need to make the home your own. You have a closing date... Read More »

For such a seemingly quaint and small island paradise, Sanibel Island has an absolutely captivating history.

More Sanibel Island History

For such a seemingly quaint and small island paradise, Sanibel Island has an absolutely captivating history. Since its natural creation as a rising sediment bed about 6,000 years ago, to its establishment as a major bastion for pirates, nothing about Sanibel Island’s history is normal. When the Spanish “discovered” Sanibel around 1513, it was already populated by the Calusa Indians.... Read More »

Condos are popular in Sanibel Island

4 Things to Know Before Moving to Sanibel

Whether you move from a small village in Alaska or from a sprawling metropolis like Chicago, Sanibel is going to be a bit different. You will have to contend with year-round sensational weather, stunning views of the Gulf of Mexico, and the quiet pleasures of Florida island living. It sounds easy on paper (and it is), but there are still... Read More »

2019 Winter Newsletter

The market still looks good! Sanibel unit sales are on the plus side. The first month of the new year was great. The real estate market, which came under the new tax legislation in the first quarter, didn’t overreact, explode or die as some predicted. We will be watching to see if the new caps seem to have an impact.... Read More »

What better way to enjoy Sanibel & Captiva Islands than by boat? Whether you know what you’re doing or if you’re a novice at boating, there are tons of options for you to check out with your time on Sanibel & Captiva Islands.

A Boaters Paradise

There are so many fun water-bound things in Sanibel & Captiva Islands, Florida to fill your days. One of the best parts about taking a trip to these remote island escapes on the edge of Florida is that they are entirely surrounded by beautiful and sparkling blue waters. What better way to enjoy Sanibel & Captiva Islands than by boat?... Read More »

This custom built home is as beautiful and exquisite on the inside as it is on the inside. If you’re looking to impress with your new dream home, this is the one.

Dream Homes on Sanibel Island

So you’ve decided you love Sanibel Island so much that you’d like to own a home here. With beautiful weather year-round and many beaches nearby, who wouldn’t? Of course, now begins the process of searching for the quintessential home. Depending on your needs, there’s a lot to look at when it comes to buying your new dream home on Sanibel... Read More »

native plants of florida

Native Plant Ideas to Beautify the Inside and Outside of Your Home

You can make your home look like its own little tropical paradise. Florida has many benefits that you can take advantage of. The year-round warm weather is certainly a pleasant experience, and it never gets old. The wildlife is abundant and beautiful, from the high trees to the coastal waters. But what often gets taken for granted is the epic... Read More »

Upgrading your Home to Sell - things to consider

Things to Consider When Upgrading Your Home for Sale

Many people come over on beach vacations to Sanibel Island as enthusiastic visitors. Many of these same visitors are also looking to maybe spend more than just a few weeks tucked away along Florida’s Gulf coast. You want to upgrade your home to appeal to these incoming visitors and aspiring buyers. So what are some things you should consider? Bang... Read More »

David Schuldenfrei Real Estate - Sanibel-Captiva Island Beach

Buying Real Estate On Sanibel and Captiva Island

Are Sanibel and Captiva great places to buy a home? The answer seems like a resounding “of course,” with its tropical vistas, unparallel natural preservation, and varied water views. Even as you dig a little deeper past the beaches and water views, you will still find a lot to love in these island escapes. Below are some reasons to consider... Read More »

Schuldenfrei Reltor Sanibel-Island-coast-water-nature-sand-ocean

From the Calusa Period to the High Rise Development

What made Sanibel Island such a Florida treasure? The history is filled with greedy pirates, massive natural disasters, and groups of loyal conservationists who saw the beautiful potential of Sanibel and sought to protect it from the high-rise developers of the world. This is the story of Sanibel Island to remind and update the ongoing community. The Calusa and the... Read More »